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A quantitative research study was conducted to assess several aspects of individuals’ sexual lives as well as the factors that might influence their sexual lives. These include demographic factors, sexual satisfaction, talking about sex, pornography use, sex frequency, masturbation, contraception, sexual trends and having sex after kids. The target population was Maltese people who are aged 18 years and older.

The data was collected by means of a survey that was carried out through telephone/mobile interviews during the period of July to September 2022. The questionnaire was made up of 33 questions in Maltese that consisted of various types of questions such as open-ended questions, yes or no questions, Likert scales and frequency questions. Initially, 15,000 individuals were approached to partake in the study, however, only 400 individuals answered the survey. Hence, the final sample size was made up of 400 individuals from the Maltese population.

Moreover, the sample was stratified based on age, gender and district so that the sample was proportionate with the population. The level of confidence for the sample was 95% with a +/- 4.9% confidence interval. The data collection and statistical analysis were carried out by Sagalytics.

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