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Sex Frequency in Malta

Sex Frequency in Malta

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In this study, which was conducted in the sample of Malta, it was found that the participants had sex on average 6 times a month. Results shown that, the younger the age, the more likely they have sex. Respondents with the highest level of education are the ones who mostly have sex per month (an average of 7.67 times). Those who reside in the Southern harbour district are the ones who mostly have sex per month (an average of 7.82) The more satisfied the respondents are with their sex life, the more they have sex per month.

Those who are in a relationship have more sex per month (8.74) than those who are married (5.57) and single (4.03). According to the average of all participants in the study males have sex more often (5.90) than females (5.46). However according to the average of only value greater than 0 females have more sex more often (7.31) than males (6.93).

Kahneman et al. (2004) conducted a study in which people reported on their daily activities and their feelings about it. In this study, sex was evaluated as the activity that produces the most positive emotion in individuals. For this reason, the frequency of sex in couples has often been the subject of research.

According to research conducted at the Kinsey Institute, people between the ages of 18-29 have sex on average 4 times a month (Okey, 2020). In the same study, it is seen that the frequency of sexual intercourse decreases as age increases. Accordingly, people between the ages of 30-39 have sex 86 times a year, while people between the ages of 40-49 have intercourse 69 times. Kinsey Institute research fellow Dr. Justin Lehmiller says that the decrease in the frequency of sexual intercourse as we age is closely related to the increase in chronic health problems.

In a longitudinal study involving 72 couples in the USA, the frequency of sex was found to be 12 per month, while it was 9.6 in another study conducted with the same participants 6 months later (McNulty and Fisher, 2007). In another USA study, couples reported having sex, on average, about once every 4 days (Meltzer and McNulty, 2010). In the same study, significant relationships were found between the frequency of sex of couples and their sexual satisfaction and marital satisfaction. On the other hand Sexologist Shamyra Howard reported that "Sexual frequency is not an indicator of sexual satisfaction"(Gonsalves, 2022). Thus, we can say that the relationship between sexual frequency and sexual satisfaction may not necessarily be mutually dependent.


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